8 October 2014 @ 10:00 AM
  1.   I can survive with just corned beef all week. And waffles with chai.
  2. There was a year in my life where I would have bottled green tea daily.
  3. I sometimes sit in toilet cubicles to avoid crowds and kill time.
  4. I have recurring nosebleeds since young. There was once when I bled all over my uniform while pledge-taking in primary school. 
  5. I have a huge stash of Power Rangers merchandise collecting dusts and nostalgia at home. 
  6. I have no idea how to smile properly. I usually don’t cause’ it seems like I have a pair of equal sign across my face if I do.
  7. I was a fan of the Spice Girls when I was young. Melanie C aka Sporty Spice is my favourite. I even tried to imitate her voice and I think it screwed up my vocal register. Heh.
  8. When I was young, my closest companion is my cousin, Ahmad Yazzer. He is now irretrievably lost. 
  9. A way into my heart is by serving me Nasi Rawon.
  10. There was a period of time when I wore a ring to school to act cool. I failed miserably. 
  11. When I was young, I would pull off the heads of my sister’s Barbie dolls and throw it at her. She now has a phobia of dolls. One of my proudest achievements, of course.
  12. I love to smell the pages of old, yellowed books. I am disgusting, yes.
  13. Once in primary school, I printed out spells from Charmed’s Book of Shadows. Me and two of my buddies recited them during thunderous weather. Nauzubillah, how sinful! 
  14. The afterscent of rain (petrichor) is one of my favourite smells. 
  15. I don’t like cakes, honestly unless it is pancakes, crepe or waffleish ones then we cool.
  16. In Varanasi, I got into a train delay for almost 18hours due to fog. We missed our flight back to Singapore since that train to Calcutta got delayed. I am still befuddled how I survived that one.
  17. My dad exposed me to rock and blues classics growing up. Queen, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Air Supply, Scorpion. 
  18. I used to love celebrating birthdays when I was a kid. Then I just got bored. Maybe it just doesn’t feel the same when people you love stop being there to celebrate with you. 
  19. Camile Velasco has one of my favourite voices on Earth. 
  20. Mann is my favourite Hindi film of all time.
  21. I am obsessed with general knowledge. I study facts and figures, challenge people to capital cities, and am competitive about it. Nerd.
  22. I get emotionally affected when Idol results are absurd like Adam Lambert losing and Haley Reinhart not making the finals. Grief for weeks and all. Childish.
  23. My idea of vacation is writing poetry, sketching or reading in a cafe on a greyish purple day. And of course chatting up, I mean creeping up to strangers. 
  24. I am just as passionate about the Malay language. I used to be a scriptwriter and lyricist for performances when I was the Language Head back then in junior college. I miss those years terribly.
  25. I don’t quite get beach holidays. I’m not trying to be beachy.
  26. Himalayan tea frappe from McCafe makes me happy every time. Its taste reminds me of 7 Eleven Chendol Mr.Softee. Unbelievable that they are discontinued.
  27. Changi airport is one of my favourite places in Singapore. I will go there to read books, zone out and force tears at the idea of being stuck here. I will sometimes overnight there just because. 
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28 September 2014 @ 1:51 PM


Intimate/Intimidate by Noor Iskandar 

This series is inspired by the seemingly blurred out line between religion and conflict. I wanted to show the duality of Muslim clothing article, in this case the most identifiable one, the hijab, chador, prayer veil. How within a solitary premise for instance, conversations with God, it exhibits purity and devotion. The apparel marks a unity and “oneness” amongst the sisterhood (ummah). However, by this clothing article too, within the premise of secularism, they are easy targets of judgmental platitudes. How classification, identification and collectivism are easily brought forth. The “oneness” is pronounced here too, except by perceptions formed from the opposite spectrum. The subject is on the bed as the bed holds vast connotations. Bed is often associated with death, frailty, isolation, vulnerability or solace. The bed too, offers another dimension; one that borders on vulgar and delinquent boundaries. I wanted to juxtapose the idea of sanctity and the profane. How we choose to allow preconceived notions dictate our personal judgement. How we choose to taint something venerable to something odious. How we see ghosts instead of entities. How we cast fears in light of something chaste.

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26 September 2014 @ 3:21 AM

What good are shivers? What use is to weep? Throwing a few sighs in between sleeps. 

Like tides, this trouble rises and recedes. In hopes of seeing shadows without a doubt, without the sun. Drowning in oblivion, save your affection, bar none. This feels almost too quiet an existence, too graceful an exit. Am I a galaxy now their eyes can see? Or a mere dust fallen from sullen skies for veiled eyes before me?

I yearn to glide across your vein so expansive like frozen webs of fractured stars limping on shores. I will find comfort in their foreign skins; skins that burn next to my cold. Wherein night is just a failed conviction for a world that unearths only light. Light that bends so vivid we are only left to preach in blindness of being and darkness of knowing.

You used to teach me different shades of white. I am going to have to hold your words against you. For forgiveness comes in flowers. Frail white flowers that slither my chest that pillows my spines that longs for your palms. Palms when held in nearness, look most beautiful. Much like a nest within your ribcage and knuckles that crack a slight familiarity of nostalgia, resting amongst the ridges of your collarbones. Bones that compact like soil on impact that floats like a feather.

Sin is a regrettable word. Seen is just as foolish. For it was never where the lines meet but where the heart is. I’ve learnt to grow fonder of this invitation to love, this chance at leaving, this coming to terms with leaving. That exit is a letter away from exist; A part, just a space away from apart. I vow to be the relentless dust twirling in tandem with the win. To show up, so certain, whispering in kindred with the warmth of your sand. And I too, have grown to have lips married to Your Name, but when will I ever be ready to see Your Face?

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25 September 2014 @ 11:05 PM

1. My dad is 100% Indian- forefathers from Bombay and Punjab. My Nani’s father was the only one who converted to Islam. So technically I have unknown relatives around Little India now. HEH. He was also one of the pioneer VPs of Anglo-Chinese School or so I heard. My mum is half Javanese and half Ceylonese. 

2. I am obsessed with Rumi, rain and brown, unruled notebooks.  

3. I secretly dream of being a singer. 

4. Art school wasn’t my first choice. I was dead set on teaching Malay Language. God knows best.

5. I am certified to have partial red-green colour deficiency.

6. I abhor driving, I find it uncomfortable although I have had my license since 5 years ago and passed the manual test at one go. Chey.

7. I am socially awkward, no kidding. You will see me cross roads pretending to talk on the phone and alight at random train stations when I feel awkward’s in the air.

8. I was politely mugged in Marrakech on my first night but everything else made up for it.

9. I am extremely sensitive. I cry alot. Over the darndest things like Hindi films and heartbreaks.

10. The Northern lights is on the top of my worldly bucketlist. A dark secret is wanting to die in prayer under one of its dance beside my soulmate. 

11. I prefer long bus rides to train rides. I almost always sit all the way at the back and start judging people. HEH.

12. I am a Neopets nerd. My username is harrypotter_online. Was a Harry Potter nerd as well. Lulz.

13. I find Anna Kendrick’s personality top-notch. Also JLaw’s and Sofia Vergara’s.

14. When I was in Morocco, people assumed I am Japanese. In Pingyao, French. I embraced them both wholeheartedly.

15. Paris is my dream city since young. I love everything about the French culture. I took up French and Spanish lessons in college, also Arabic and Hindi along life.

16. I used to find Indonesian teenhood idyllic. I would submit class assignments as ‘Indra’ just to act the part in primary school.

17. At 12, I began to embark in graphic and web design. I ran major fansites for Charmed and Kelly Clarkson. They were quite popular, I swear. I even got to meet Kelly in person when she came to Singapore for her tour. fanlistings.org used to be the thing back then.

18. I am obsessed with Survivor, the Idol franchise, Big Brother, X Factor etc. Guilty pleasure. Ack.

19. Marriage is not in my list of to-do things (at the moment, maybe). My heart needs healing, you all keep breaking it. I fall in love with people I can’t have. I am not good enough for anyone. Yada yada. #emo

20. I failed General Paper during my As. Surprise! I wanted to be radical, Cambridge was having none of it.

21. Music, film, literature shaped me. I used to play the clarinet for 5 years. 

22. I used to be a victim of slander in high school. It both broke and made me stronger. 

23. An ideal life is a riad by a lake in Morocco, drinking tea and making art, writing, teaching, volunteering at refugee camps at leisure.

24. I think male toddlers are cuter than female ones. I plan to adopt children from age 3 onwards and return them by 12. No, I am not a pedobear. HAHAHA

25. I name all my cameras after cities. We have Vienna, Boston, Savannah so far. The rest are dead and buried. 

26. A dog bit me in Varanasi in 2012, I spiralled into depression in fear of rabies and it changed my life irrevocably. Alhamdulillah, for the better. 

27. 27 is my favourite number and I will be going for my grad trip in exactly 2 weeks time for 27 days. HEHEHEH. Pray for me.

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'Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs.'
Times are hard for dreamers.

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